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(337) 450-9910
3110 W. PInhook Rd., Suite 101
​Lafayette, LA 70508

Would you like to stop judging yourself according to what somebody else might think? 

​I am here to help in your journey toward ending depression, increasing confidence, and living a more fulfilling life.  Your worth is a given, nothing can take that away.  Whether you are dealing with everyday life challenges, decisions, or transitions - you will be empowered to make the right move for you.  As a trained Anthetic therapist, I share the gift of Inner Freedom with my clients.  This therapeutic approach involves identifying goals and overcoming blocks in order to experience personal power and create a more satisfying life.

As your therapist I can give you skills to grow and blossom, within a gentle and non-judgmental atmosphere.  I specialize in helping individuals overcome depression, anger, anxiety, low self-esteem, life transitions, perfectionism, and relationship issues.

Couple therapy continues to be a passion of mine. Using Anthetic Relationship Therapy skills in my own life, I’ve experienced profound growth. This is something that I feel honored to share with others. We all long for connection. It’s a desire that’s in us from day one. Unfortunately, life’s experiences can leave us with wounds, learned strategies that create distance, and lowered expectations for what’s possible in our lives.  I want to encourage you that, not just good, but great love is waiting for you. Your relationship can be transformed through this therapy. 

If you would enjoy learning more about how the Anthetic philosophy works, you may wish to attend a workshop.  In these workshops, I lead clients through a process of self-exploration guided by Anthetic techniques and theory.  You will have the opportunity to share your experience as well as see a live application of skills.  For more information about upcoming workshops, see the event page.

I also offer therapy groups that allow you to get support in a loving and nonjudgmental environment.  It is a place where you can share your pain and celebrate your successes, while practicing skills for achieving greater happiness.  You will be empowered to live from the part of you that is full of aliveness and passion, your Natural Self.

​Now accepting Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance Plans

Tamra Griffin

Tamra Griffin, LPC

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