I will never forget the first time I met Jim.  I entered his office to seek help.  I was in distress and not sure why; I certainly did not know what I needed to do.  He asked, “What can I help you with today?”  I said, “I am depressed and I have no idea why.”  He said, “Well, if you had to come up with something that may be underlying your feelings of depression, where would you start?”  I thought for a minute and shared a suspicion I had.  It was something deeply personal.  He then looked at me with a kind, gentle grin on his face and said, “I don’t see anything wrong with that; seems normal to me.”  At that moment my quest for inner freedom began.  He was right, I was normal; I wasn’t defective, but what I did have was an extremely powerful and clever Inner Critic that was sabotaging my ability to feel peace.

Prior to entering Jim’s office I had met with other counselors trying to find something that was missing in my life.  Each time, however, I left thinking, “That was ok, but deep inside I don’t feel any different.”  Anthetics provided me with the skills I needed to begin the process of tearing down Inner Critic shoulds that had been draining me of vital energy.  For the first time in my life I began to feel free of all of the defective, shameful messages I had picked up along the way.

My Anthetic journey began over six years ago.  Prior to this journey, I earned a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice.  I was an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  And, although I found my job rewarding, I have come to understand that my true passion is sharing the skills of Anthetic Psychology with others who are bravely embarking on their own journey toward inner freedom and thirst-quenching peace.

In addition to teaching, I realized that I wanted to help people through counseling.  I entered the Counselor Education program at UL Lafayette.  As I worked my way through the counseling program I remember going to Kathryn and saying, “Dr. Elliott, it is time to find a place to do my internship and I have to be honest, the only place I will consider is with you at Anthetics.”  She graciously agreed and I am forever grateful, not only to be a practitioner of Anthetic Therapy, but also to be a part of a wonderful and rapidly growing Anthetic community.

I earned the Master of Science degree in Counselor Education.  This has been a long journey filled with enrichment and new-found spiritual awakenings that guide me down the path of continued learning and self-development.

I look forward to all opportunities to work with anyone searching for inner peace.  Like me, you may not even know what you are looking for in the beginning.  It may be that all you know is that something is not quite right.  That is enough.  Let’s start there.

​​Depression, anxiety, anger, shame, or whatever else you may be feeling can all be overcome through the implementation of Anthetic skills.  You absolutely have the right to a free, happy, and fulfilling life.

Scott Mire

Scott Mire
Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor 

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