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Marianne Prejean

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Marianne Prejean, B.A.
Anthetic Ambassador
Office Manager

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​Anthetics is my passion.  I am a living example of the freedom that can be experienced when the skills of Anthetics are practiced. 

I am an Anthetic ambassador, because my desire is to share with anyone and everyone who has questions or just wants to hear about how Anthetics works.  Anthetics saved my life when I thought all I was going to experience for the rest of my life was sadness and depression.  At that time, my days were spent crying and searching for some relief where I could be seen and heard and valued.

When I came to Anthetics, I was depressed, had low self-esteem, problems with assertiveness, perfectionism, relationships, guilt, shame, worry, indecisiveness, self-criticalness; always thinking I could have no intimate relationship.  I had no communication skills.  At Anthetic Therapy Center, I learned that my worth as a person is a given.  I no longer had to suffer.  I could be free of the Inner Critic.  I also came to know all of my dreams could be a reality.

I had the privilege of seeing Kathryn first.  Then I had the amazing honor of working one-on-one with Dr. James Emerson Elliott, the founder of Anthetic Therapy, both before his stroke and after.  Because of this work, my self-esteem has risen greatly, I have family relations that are harmonious and deeply satisfying; something I thought I would never experience.

I went on to complete the Lay Practitioners’ Training.  Because of my deep emotional connections with Jim, he shared his vision of seeing me in the capacity of a college student – something I had never seen myself accomplishing.  In December 2013 I completed my Bachelor Degree at UL Lafayette.  After graduation, I joined the Anthetic team as Office Manager, where I have the privilege of passing on inner freedom to every client who calls and comes to the office.

I will be happy to share with anyone about how I use Anthetic Dialogue to process my struggles and to correct them all.  The last time I spoke to Jim before he passed on to the next realm, I made a commitment to him that I would carry Anthetics to the world every day for the rest of my life.  And I will do that.  I am living proof of Jim’s message to you: “Come as you are; prepare to leave different.”