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(337) 450-9910
3110 W. PInhook Rd., Suite 101
​Lafayette, LA 70508

How do you envision your life? Would you like to experience more pleasure and less suffering? Perhaps you want to accept yourself unconditionally and feel more empowered to live from your natural self? Would you like to understand what is causing problems in your life at a deeper level? Would you like to be more in touch with your feelings and the behaviors associated with those feelings? Do you want to be less self-critical and break free from self-imposed limitations? Do you view pain and suffering as not useful to your life? If this speaks to your soul, then yours is a journey to claiming your inner freedom and I cheer you on!

My approach to therapy is through the lens of Anthetic Therapy. This is a skills-based approach that is laser-focused and restorative through the process of disarming your Inner Critic and attending to core pain. I specialize in depression and anxiety surrounding issues of grief, life transitions, relationship issues, spirituality, stress, and trauma.
We all desire connection, a friendly face to see us through our pain, a champion to have our back. I want to reassure you that the journey you are on is one that I have walked through myself. Know that you do not deserve to suffer any longer. That your worth is a given and nothing could ever take that away. I champion you to blossom into your natural self!

Hilari Mestayer

Hilari Mestayer
Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor 

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