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Continuing Education for Licensed Professional Counselors

Our interactive trainings provide new concepts for case conceptualizations, protocol for techniques, demonstration of skills, and opportunities for practice.

Training for Individual Therapy
Anthetic Therapy (AT) offers brief, psychodynamic skills that will revolutionize your practice.  Our skills and techniques get to the root of clients’ issues in just a handful of sessions.  Using these impactful techniques, your clients will get free from long-standing issues, gain meaningful connection in their relationships, and increase satisfaction in all areas of their lives.

Topics include:

  • Quickly create rapport so that even major issues can be addressed in the 1st session.
  • Move your client from apathy to action.
  • Uncover the driving factors that lead our clients to be anxious and disempowered.
  • Be empowered with depth level solutions for the angry client.
  • Dismantle the blocks to what is keeping your client stuck.
  • Discover how YOUR Inner Critic can interfere with your therapeutic effectiveness.

Training for Couple Therapy
Anthetic Relationship Therapy (ART) applies the basics of Anthetic Therapy to couple work, moving beyond the presenting issues to the driving factors at the core of each partner.  Depth connections are created and restored with the use of skills couples can take home and use on a daily basis.

Topics include:

  • Repair the disconnect.  Transform roommates to soulmates.
  • Get to the heart of couples’ repetitive conflicts in as little as 1 session
  • Impartially navigate even the most volatile of arguments.
  • Help clients express the pain behind their anger and convert the pain into a neutral request.
  • A gentle step-by-step guide to healing after infidelity.

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