How to Recover from an Affair
Monday, April 21, 2014

Has your relationship been touched by an affair?  Are you wondering if it’s possible to recover from so much hurt and anger?  You are not alone.  I want to assure you that it is absolutely possible to rebuild your relationship despite the devastation that has resulted.

Couples have often told me, “I wish there was a magic key to make all the pain go away.”  They’re surprised when I answer, “There is!”  The key is you have to rebuild your bond.  By that I mean your bond as a couple.  When you discover how to shift from being two distant, hurting people to a bonded couple, your pain will dramatically diminish.

Now, to do this rebuilding, it takes skillful communication.  It is my pleasure to equip you with skills so you can rebuild your bond.  I will walk with you.  Don’t hesitate to call me at (337) 234-8221.

Kathryn Elliott, Ph.D., Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


Tamra’s Blogs

“You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling”
Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I love this quote. It is a reminder that the only thing holding you back is fear. Fear of exercising your own power. As children we believe we can accomplish anything, the sky is the limit, but somewhere along the way we lose faith in our own abilities. We begin buying into the messages of the Inner Critic: “No one will want to hear your ideas.” “If you take a risk, you will fail and embarrass yourself.” “If things don’t work out, you won’t be able to recover.” In a misguided attempt to protect you, the Inner Critic predicts disastrous failure and you stay confined by the limited options it allows.

Today is the day to stop ignoring your Natural Self desires and get free from the Inner Critic! Each time you feel energy towards an activity, you have a chance to believe in yourself again. Take back your right to dream big, to take a chance, even if it doesn’t work out. You are saying, “I value a fulfilling life, more than the ‘safe’ constricted life prescribed by the Inner Critic.” So, follow those sparks as they come and let yourself have the life you’ve dreamed of!

For more help combating fear and realizing your dreams, contact Tamra Griffin, MS, CI for a counseling appointment.


Friday, March 28, 2014

You’re excited about a project, but before you even begin you hear that all too familiar voice, the one that says it must be done “right.”  For many of us there is an internal drivenness to “do it perfectly.”  We live constricted lives, unable to let go of control.  Self-expression becomes difficult.  Creativity is blocked.  Spontaneity is scary.  Perfectionism inhibits your ability to live from the Natural Self, the part of you that is full of aliveness and energy.

In Anthetic Therapy, we have identified the source of perfectionism.  It’s the Inner Critic.  The Inner Critic will take your Natural Self desires and add a layer of shoulds.  It is the voice you hear that demands 100%.  And at times, even 100% isn’t good enough.  If you would like to get free from the Inner Critic, start by challenging these shoulds.  Give yourself permission to be human, to be what your Inner Critic calls ‘flawed.”

For more help overcoming perfectionism and disarming your Inner Critic, contact Tamra Griffin, MS, CI for a counseling appointment.



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Kathryn’s Blogs

Want Trust in Your Relationship?
Monday, June 9, 2014

Do you want to have a relationship in which you trust each other?  Would you like to restore trust that’s been lost?  There’s one secret ingredient that will do it: honesty.  By this I mean tell your partner about your feelings; likes and dislikes.  Also tell them what you’ve been thinking and doing.  I know this is counter to conventional wisdom that says, “Don’t upset your partner by telling the truth.”  From my years of counseling couples, I know that such a strategy will get you one thing: distance.  Not trust.  And definitely not closeness.

What holds us back form honesty?  It’s thinking, “If I were honest, it would hurt my partner’s feelings.  It might make my partner angry.  My partner might throw it in my face later.  We’d just have a fight.”  It all comes down to this.  You have to decide on a basic value: Do I want closeness or distance?  Choosing honesty may come with repercussions.  It’s a risk.  But the alternative is distrust and distance.  I want to assure you the repercussions can be overcome.  It is my pleasure to teach partners skills to live from honesty.  If you would like to restore trust in your relationship, call me at (337) 234-8221, and I will pour these skills out to you.